Pyramids at night in Cairo, Egypt 
One day I’m going to be everything you ever wished for. And you won’t be able to have me (via runwaytowanderlust)

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Six months later you’ll find yourself drunk texting her that you miss her and she won’t respond. (via tyratexas)

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Most people do not listen
with the intent
to understand;

they listen
with the intent
to reply.
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In 1983 a man was tested to see if he could sense god if all his senses were taken away. Every sense nerve in his brain was disconnected. He could not feel, hear, see or smell. He began reporting he could hear the voices of the dead and gave precise details that he could have not known. He then said he could see them and began clawing at his eyes, it turned to screaming and biting chunks of his flesh off. His last words were “I have spoken with God, and he has abandoned us” and died.

this is terrifying

the last sentence gave me like a 1 minute chill.

~ Film: Dark City